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The Mayoress T-Shirt Arrives

The Mayoress T-Shirt Arrives

This is just a quick update on one of the campaigns I pledged money to on Kickstarter earlier this year.  The campaign is now closed to backers but if the pilot episode of The Mayoress is successful then there may be future crowdfunding opportunities.

Backing a sitcom was a bit of a departure from my usual technology based pledges but this grabbed my attention because two of my favourite comedians are in it.  With the notable exception of Bill Bailey, Harry Hill and Jack Dee have caused me to have more laughter related asthma attacks over the years than pretty much any other comedians on the telly.  Whilst the asthma is something of a concern I always thought that if I’m going to go then I might as well go out laughing but as a precaution I carry a salbutamol inhaler with me these days.

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