Documentary About Alderney During World War 2

Documentary About Alderney During World War 2

Normally I’m all about the technology when it comes to crowdfunding but I do also like to support the arts.  And no project I have found is more deserving of support than the third and final installment from Eye Films about the island of Alderney during World War 2.

I’ve Heard of Alderney….. Where Is It Exactly?

Alderney is the northern-most and one of the smallest of the Channel Islands sitting just off the coast of France to the north-west of Cherbourg.  Given the geographical proximity to where the D-Day landings eventually took place, it’s easy to see why it was considered by Germany as being of great strategic importance.  When Germany invaded the Channel Islands the people of Alderney were evacuated and the first two films in this series document the lives of those who had to leave their homes behind and the personal stories of when they eventually returned to the island after the war.

But What Happened to Alderney During World War 2

Eye Films state in their blog:

“Much has been made of what happened in Jersey and Guernsey during WWII, but few know the story of Alderney.  The island, with few witnesses, was to become the only place on British soil with a concentration camp, Lager Sylt, as well as three other labour camps. In total there were over 4,000 forced labourers on the island, with over 3,500 German soldiers.”

The crowdfunding appeal video below better explains the need to document the incredible story of Alderney During World War 2.


The Crowdfunding Campaign

Eye FilmDetails of the campaign and the rewards on offer can be found at

Charlie Gauvain (right), managing director at Eye Films, has a family history in Alderney.  This personal connection and the film’s historical importance has led him to pursue this project tenaciously to ensure that it can be delivered on a very tight budget.  The funding is well under way but anything you are able to contribute to the campaign would, I’m sure, be greatly appreciated.

You can find out more about the Alderney During World War 2 documentary series at Eye Film’s Website.

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