Lake Clarity – Season Two

Lake Clarity – Season Two

What is Lake Clarity?

Lake Clarity is a horror audio book created by Pacific Obadia (A college student majoring in English and theatre) and Larissa Fleming (A college student who will complete the year with a bachelor of arts & theatre and a music minor). Their Kickstarter campaign has attracted support from all over the world including Switzerland, America and Thailand.  It would be great to see them reach their funding goal of $5,000 so that they make season 2 as awesome as possible.

Season One

Season one was put together on a very small budget as it was created using the team’s own money.  (Warning! Spoilers ahead:) Lake Clarity, season one, follows the story of a group of five teens who take a trip to Camp Clarity (a reportedly cursed camp ground). The group figure out that Camp Clarity was in-fact a military base that had created various creatures (presumably as weapons), some of which come face-to-face with the kids themselves. When it came to creating the first episode, the creators had only nine sound effects to work with but they used them brilliantly to bring the story to life.

Why Should You Help Fund It?

Firstly, helping people is the right thing to do!  Lake Clarity, season two, has some big things in store for listeners! Crowdfunding will allow the creators to produce better quality content, follow a whole new plot with new characters and make even more episodes. Additionally they will be making a Lake Clarity soundtrack which will be made by Its Teeth (Jacob Belcher) who composed the intro and outro for season one.

What I find inspiring about this project is that Obadia and Fleming plan to create and release these episodes regardless of how much they raise from crowdfunding.  Which is all the more reason to lend your support.  As you may know, Kickstarter campaigns are “all or nothing” which means that if you don’t hit your target then you don’t get anything.  Please help the team by dropping a couple of dollars into the campaign coffers so that they can bring this project to life and make season two every bit as amazing as it can possibly be.

All episodes will be released for free on their website –

How to Help

Visit the Lake Clarity Kickstarter page at

Even if you can only put a dollar in the tip jar it’s a step further to helping the team reach their goal.


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