Jamie Oliver and PancakeBot

Jamie Oliver and PancakeBot

A few weeks ago I was in my office doing work (proper work) when I received a Facebook message from a guy wanting to know if he could either buy or borrow PancakeBot.  I get a lot of spam so I ignored it.  Then the same guy tweeted me too, so now I’m thinking this is probably a real person and it is only polite to reply. He then comes back with “I work with Jamie Oliver and we want to make a fun pancake day video so wondered whether we could borrow PancakeBot”.

I’ll be honest, this was sounding more a like a cunning rouse to get me to part with PancakeBot by the second but a few more messages and I was fairly convinced that this was actually a genuine email from a person who really did work with Jamie Oliver.  So a couple of days later I packed PancakeBot into a suitcase and trotted up to London to deliver it to the Jamie Oliver team, and sure enough Greg was a real person and PancakeBot was destined for stardom on the Jamie Oliver Facebook live feed.

Whilst I’m sure Jamie would have loved to have been using PancakeBot himself today, nobody likes to be upstaged by a robot so instead members of the team busied themselves around PancakeBot making designs on the fly. Watchers begged for designs and the team would pick one and make it.  I’ll be honest, it’s the sort of thing you had to be there for but this entire experience may be my only fifteen minutes of fame and so I’m owning it!

PancakeBot has once again proved itself to be the happiest piece of technology on the planet and still the greatest crowdfunding project I’ve been involved in.  It also appears that I may well own the only PancakeBot in the UK.  If you want to see PancakeBot in action then you can head over to Jamie Oliver’s Facebook page and see the live feed here.


That’s my PancakeBot that is! 🙂

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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