Interview With Luke Cutforth

Interview With Luke Cutforth

Finally found some time to edit this video.  It seems that young Lizi is now a permanent member of the Fund It Together team as she is much less miserable than me and picks much more interesting projects.

Who is Luke Cutforth?

Luke Cutforth is a well-known YouTube regular where he goes by the name of “Luke Is Not Sexy”.

Luke and his friend / colleague Josh are currently in the post-production stage of a feature film, an adaptation of the Caroline Smailes novel The Drowning of Arthur Braxton. As a backer of the Kickstarter campaign my daughter Lizi and I were fortunate enough to see an early preview screening of the film. Luke was kind enough to give us some of his time after the screening to tell us about his experience with financing the project through crowdfunding.

Normally I back tech projects but a nagging teenager can be a powerful force in this world.  Also, The Present Mrs Camsell and I didn’t know what to get Lizi for her birthday last year so I paid some of my hard-earned cash to Luke’s campaign to help fund the film and the reward level meant that Lizi got to be an extra in the film.  Happy birthday!

An Interview With Luke Is Not Sexy

Despite having spent hours taking selfies with fans, Luke very kindly gave us an interview about his experience with crowdfunding and his thoughts on how it compares with traditional financing for creative projects.  Luke and the team behind The Drowning of Arthur Braxton film are the new breed of independent film makers and it’s great to see how they have not only circumvented traditional forms of investment but how they are embracing the culture and community spirit of crowdfunding.

Luke Does Not Own a Pancakebot

Some of you may have seen my unboxing video for Pancakebot.  I can now confirm that Luke does not own a PancakeBot….. and regrets it!

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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