iMac vs Mac Pro (2015 vs 2009)

iMac vs Mac Pro (2015 vs 2009)

My faithful old Mac Pro was gradually getting slower and slower and unfortunately I do not possess the kind of cash required to get my hands on one of the cylindrical new Mac Pros.  I did a bit of research on the Internet and discovered that my money would be better spent on a top-end iMac rather than a low spec. Mac Pro.  Although this has nothing to do with crowdfunding, I am so impressed with my new toy that I felt the need to share the love with anyone who’ll listen.  So I made a video of the iMac vs Mac Pro showdown.

iMac vs Mac Pro – Comparing Apples With Apples

Lizi and YouTuber Luke “Luke-Is-Not-Sexy” Cutforth

Oh what a hilarious pun!  As you will see from the video, I didn’t want to do a bunch of benchmark tests I just wanted to see if my new computer was going to be faster than the old one.  So, with the help of my YouTube savvy daughter, Lizi, I ran a couple of tests to see if there was an improvement before selling off my old Mac Pro.  I wasn’t disappointed!

The main thing I use my Mac for is video editing.  I’m not especially good at it, but I do enjoy it and my old silver beastie was really starting to struggle with rendering footage in Final Cut Pro X.  It was also a machine that was designed during the reign of Final Cut Pro 7 and was  not very capable when it came to exploiting the GPU optimised power of the latest version of FCP X.

The Review

Apologies for the sound quality.  I did have a clip-on mic but I neglected to check the gain properly so we ended up using the mic of the camera.  You can hear it OK, it’s just not as crisp as I would have liked.

Apologies For The Lack of Crowdfunding News Here

If ever there was a company who did not embrace the warm fuzziness of crowdfunding, it’s Apple.  But please, allow me this indulgence.  I am a man…… I love gadgets……

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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