UK PancakeBot First Attempt

UK PancakeBot First Attempt

We finally managed to find some time to get PancakeBot up and running.  Unfortunately, it seems we’re not very brilliant at making pancakes….

Printing Pancakes

I have to say that, with the exception of the frustration of trying to update the firmware, using PancakeBot has been an absolute hoot.  So just to get the bad bit out of the way, I’m a Mac user and if you want to update the firmware with a Mac then you need to use the command line.  I’m pretty comfortable with that but just couldn’t seem to get my Mac talking to the device so I switched to a PC running Windows 8.1 but, despite my best efforts, it would not load the drivers.  In a last-ditch attempt to get this working I returned to my Mac and ran up Windows 10 inside a Parallels virtual machine and it was a complete doddle from that point onwards.

So, fully updated, we followed the instructions in the PancakeBot manual and documented our results in the following video:


The Proof of The Pudding is in The Eating

PancakeBotBeing British, just about everything from the griddle to the batter recipe was different from anything we’ve been used to.  Luckily it seems that you can overcome all of these problems if you drink enough tea.  We printed some other pancakes not shown in the video and all were relatively unsuccessful but we have since received a Tweet from the PancakeBot team explaining that there was an error in the recipe so we’re going to blame it on that….. It wasn’t that, we’re just not very good at making pancakes…. yet.

However, I am pleased to report that the pancakes tasted great and we were so full of pancake and syrup that we didn’t need any dinner that night.  I’m not sure that’s an entirely healthy diet but we offset it with salad the following day so that cancels out the effects of the maple syrup right?

Big Thanks to Our Daughter Lizi

Behind the camera, constantly telling us how Dan and Phil would do this better, was our youngest daughter Lizi.  Couldn’t have done it without her and she did reap the rewards of an entire afternoon of pancake making.

Where Can I Get a PancakeBot?

If you want your own one then you need to head over to .  There you can buy a pancake printer, get spares, download designs and get hold of the latest software.

It really has been great fun getting this going and my thanks go out the creator for turning a Lego project into such a great fun product.

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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