Easy Movie Camera Slider

Easy Movie Camera Slider

There’s been quite a few of these on Kickstarter but The Easy Movie Camera Slider is the most attractively priced one I’ve seen to date.  Like similar units it is mainly constructed from aluminum but this differs from other recent campaigns in that this slider is entirely manual.

No Electronics?

It’s not entirely unusual to find manual units but it I guess everyone is looking for an angle to improve on something that’s been around for a while and putting a motor on it would seem like a good way to enhance the product.  Motors, and the electronics to drive them, add cost though so the Easy Movie Camera Slider is available as a reward to backers at a much more attractive price.  The campaign has two variants, one which allows you to push and pull the camera up and down the slide rail and the “full monty” which includes the crank handle and drive belt.

Camera SliderWhy Do I Need Camera Slider?

If you make any kind of videos, even if it’s just filming on your smartphone, then the linear panning effect from a slider unit will add a new dimension to your footage.  You see the effect absolutely everywhere on pretty much every TV program you watch; a slow pan to the left or the right gives motion to static scenes or allows hidden items to be slowly and dramatically revealed.  Who is the sinister villain with their face obscured by the pot-plant of doom?  The linear pan is used everywhere and this is the first crowdfunding project I’ve seen where you can get your hands on an entry-level camera slider to enhance your own productions at this sort of price.

The Kickstarter Campaign

The creator, Tomas Orentas, is looking to raise £10K to put his prototype into production so any support you can lend to the campaign will no doubt be welcome.  According to the details on Kickstarter Tomas is a keen photographer and has provided a number of reference clips taken using the prototype model of the Easy Movie Slider so you can get a good feel for what you can achieve with it.

Click Here to check out the campaign on Kickstarter.


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