Action Man Mercury 10 Mission to Space

Action Man Mercury 10 Mission to Space

This is one of the most awesome projects I’ve found on Kickstarter yet.  Anyone growing up in Britain in the 70’s and 80’s will be familiar with Action Man, the can-do hero who was on every boy’s Christmas list.  With his gripping hands and infamous “Eagle Eyes” he was the hero of all garden adventures rescuing Sindy from certain peril almost every day of the week.  I realise this sounds sexist but I’m just telling it how it was.

Sindy and Action Man, The “Skinny Latte” Years

Over the years, Sindy and Action Man have settled down to suburban life in Sindy’s town house.  There were no kids so they now spend their evenings drinking red wine or entertaining their neighbours Ken and Barbie.  Sindy’s town house is in Islington so they no doubt now live off a diet of humus based ready-meals and organic soup.  However, it seems that our hero is not quite ready for the pipe and slippers lifestyle just yet and has at least one more big adventure in him……

Action ManOff Into Space

Aged 50, and frankly looking good on it, Action Man is tackling the final frontier and for the first time in history is being launched into space.  Oh yes!  All being well, at 10:30 on 19th June 2016, he will be launched to the edge of space by a team of enthusiasts who have raised money for the project via Kickstarter.

Mercury 10

The Mercury 10 mission forms part of the Coalville Space Program located in the very heart of Britain.  As with all things in the UK, this is going to be entirely governed by the weather as it is my understanding that Mercury 10 is to be launched using a high altitude balloon rather than a solid fuel rocket.  Hopefully the capsule will return safely to Earth in time for afternoon tea.

Fund It Together Will Be There

The Present Mrs. Camsell and I have managed to bribe our teenage offspring into attending this monumental event; what better way to spend a Sunday morning?  If all goes well then I should be able to bring you some video footage of this historic event and, if they’re not too busy prepping everything, a short interview with the genius creators who came up with this idea.

We wish the Mercury 10 team the very best of luck and now we all just need to keep our fingers crossed that we have good weather.  If you want to keep up-to-date with the mission then check out the Mercury 10 Mission Facebook page at:

So long as nobody in the Coalville area utters the words “Looks nice, we should have a barbecue later…..” all should be fine……

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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