Check Out The i-Extruder

Check Out The i-Extruder

A whizzy little gadget from some people down in the south of France.  If you’ve ever had to put solder paste on to a prototype board you’ll know it can be a bit of a bind and this little gadget looks just the thing to make the job a bit easier.

The i-Extruder is a USB powered syringe which promises to not only drop solder paste down but help with the precision placement of other fluids.  I can see it being very useful for glueing small objects but they also show thread-lock and lubricant application in their video.  Personally, I’m thinking that if you could use this with icing then there’s a cake decorating market out there that could probably use this too.

The campaign is looking to raise €54,000 as the prototype is an SLA and so injection mould tooling will be required.  It seems like quite a high figure to get this rolling but I wish the team “bon chance” as they say down there and I hope this product sees the light of day…. mainly because I need one.


Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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