TurnsPro Summer Sunset

TurnsPro Summer Sunset

As the evening drew to a close it looked like it was going to be a lovely sunset and so the perfect time to go and get some footage using the TurnsPro motorised time lapse camera mount that I backed on Kickstarter.  Unfortunately, as soon as we got to the forest it clouded over and the wind picked up a treat.  So instead of a dreamy summer evening scene, what we actually got was some really jerky footage where the wind nearly blew the tripod over on a number of occasions.  It was also chuffing freezing considering that it’s almost June.  (If you are an American reading this then I should tell you that “chuffing freezing” is marginally less acceptable to The British than “jolly cold for the time of year”.)

One thing that never fails to delight though is the gorgeous view across the forest which makes me glad to live in this part of the world 365 days a year.  So we made a video anyway… and it wasn’t great…. so can’t be used in the TurnsPro review I’m putting together.  However, we suffered for our art here so I’m damned well going to inflict this on the world anyway.

I should point out that this epic fail is nothing to to do with the TurnsPro product itself and merely the infamous British weather and my own incompetency.

TurnsProThe TurnsPro is now a commercially available product and if you’re looking to get your hands on one then you can find them at on Amazon.

TurnsPro – Time lapse Camera Mount – Panning Rotating 360 for GoPro DSLR iPhone. Motorised Pan Head for panoramic photos

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