Save Brixton Barrows

Save Brixton Barrows

Ends: 31/05/2016 – 08:10


Not everyone in London is loaded and as it becomes more expensive it gets harder to preserve the pockets of social history spread across this vast city. I spend a lot of time in London and many of the markets have changed beyond recognition over the last twenty years.  Borough Market in Southwark, for example, used to be the capital’s centre for fruit and veg wholesale but these days you can’t move there on a Saturday for people wandering around eating homogenised lentils in organic pitta-bread.  In stark contrast, Brixton Market remains (for the moment) a true slice of market life as many Londoners remember it.

Sadly, if you’re not in the business of selling fusion food for the price of a small family hatchback, then maintaining the historic look of the market is going to need a bit of help.  Anything you’re able to donate towards the preservation of the Brixton Market Barrows would help to keep a little piece of our capital’s history alive for a bit longer.

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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