Hello World – Fund It Together Blog is Launched

Hello World – Fund It Together Blog is Launched

Yes, it does say Hello World.  If you’re expecting something more imaginative then I fear you may be in the wrong place.

So I’ve finally finished preparing the bones of the web site and now it’s time to start on the content. I’ve been backing crowdfunding projects for a couple of years now and feel a need to share my experiences with anyone who’ll listen.  The beauty of a web site is that you can actually talk to yourself and still feel like you’re talking to someone else so I guess it’s a bit like owning a cat in that respect….. or when you’re trying to get your kids to do the washing up.

If you’ve arrived here at the start of things then you’ll no doubt be wondering what the greasy poop is going on as there is stuff-all content here. Well, every journey has a first step and this web site is no different. I’m hopeful that I can get the first few campaigns I was involved in reviewed in fairly quick succession so that this site looks less like the Marie Celeste so if you have stumbled across this place please bear with…. I’m on it.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve things (apart from adding some actual content) then please let me know as this is all new to me and constructive feedback can only be a good thing.

Always good to hear your thoughts and comments.

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